How to become a Contributor

Jaiyen TV is independent and non biased source for news and entertainment that primarily relate to Thailand and the Southeast Asian region. 

Content is produced both internally and submitted by a network of selected contributors. Not all contributors are journalists, but all contributors must agree to the Jaiyen TV code of ethics and The Contributor Agreement.   All Video submissions must meet the Jaiyen TV technical requirements.

How to become a contributor to Jaiyen TV:

We welcome anyone to apply to become a contributor.  Jaiyen TV is a new and privately funded platform, so at this time we can not offer compensation any contributions.  However, we hope this will change in the future.        

To apply to become a contributor, Download the Contributor Application Kit and fill it out.  Then return it by email with either a story pitch or a full story package for consideration to

We will review your submission and get back to you with our decision.